Embassy of Venezuela in United Kingdom
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The Foreign Service Act of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela points out that diplomatic missions are set up to carry out the functions of the Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Relations. The National Executive determines the basic role and structure of the accredited Venezuelan missions abroad, in order to serve the political and economic priorities of the Republic, as well as establishing the characteristics of the receiving state.

The duties that accredited Foreign Service civil servants located in the diplomatic and consular missions of Venezuela are expected to carry out are as follows:

a) Ensure that the interests of the Republic, the prestige of the nation and the good name of its authorities and institutions are respected.

b) Defend the rights and interests of its citizens within their given field and in conformity with International Law.

c) Harness relationships between the Republic and the State or Organization that the diplomat works in.

d) Ensure that Treaties and other International mechanisms in place are complied with fully.

e) Claim any corresponding rights and considerations due on behalf of the Republic, its authorities and civil servants.

f) Comply faithfully with the instructions received by the Ministry for Foreign Relations and keep the ministry updated with the issues arising in the area that the diplomat governs over.

g) Inform of any internal or international issues in the host country which may be of interest to the Republic.
h) Make sure that any documents, files, records, special stamps and related material, are under proper care and safe from any indiscretion.

i) Settle and live according to his/her status and with the decorum demanded by the role afforded to him/her in representing Venezuela.

j) Observe the greatest degree of integrity in his/her social activities, complying with any economic obligations and, in general terms, maintaining a personal conduct that is compatible with the dignity required in representing the Republic.

k) Make sure that the duties outlined in the Constitution, as well as the laws and other legislative acts of the Republic, are complied with.

l) Oversee the preservation and conservation of the property and buildings belonging to the Venezuelan State, be they in transit or permanently installed in the country under whose government he/she may be accredited.


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