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leo1The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, welcomed the virtuoso jazz pianist, Leo Blanco, last Wednesday 3 February to inaugurate the 2015 Cultural Program of the Bolivar Hall Cultural Centre.

The renowned Venezuelan pianist showcased his talents to a full house in Bolivar Hall, presenting a programme based on a selection of his own original compositions and improvisations.

Described as an artist who fuses his academic research and passion for African and South American music to create a "compositional approach that incorporates rhythms, melodies and song forms from both continents into a distinctive contemporary jazz sound", Leo Blanco's concert in London was the latest event in a tour of Britain that recently saw him perform in the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow.

The programme started with Azul de Manicuare AKA: Dancing in the Air, a number that began with a rhythmical striking of the piano strings, before Leo Blanco moved on to an improvised take on Peru Landó, a release from his Africa Latina album. Next came the African inspired Roots & Effect, a composition which first appeared on the album of the same name in 2003, followed by the hypnotic Vals Numero 5, from his most recent album, Pianoforte. El Negro y el Blanco (a variation of a Venezuelan's joropo, the most popular national folk music) was played with style, before Leo Blanco delivered his 2008 track, Yemen, to a very good reception. The last item was a well-executed rendition of Africa Latina, a track also from 2008, wrapping up a successful event with a distinctly Venezuelan flavour.

The 2015 Cultural Programme of the Bolivar Hall Cultural Centre will feature a selection of renowned Venezuelan musicians showcasing a variety of the country's rhythms and musical styles. In anticipation of this year's highlights, the Embassy announced the forthcoming concert of the Libertadores String Quartet on the 13th March, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of El Sistema.

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