Sección Consular de Venezuela ante el Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte
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Visit the SAIME webpage at and follow the instructions for Passport Applications from Abroad where appointments can be requested, which SAIME will confirm by sending the details to the email address provided.

On the day of the appointment the applicant must visit the Consular Section, the requirements are as follows:

- Venezuelan passport request form which can be found in the SAIME webpage in "status of application", by entering the assigned username and password or in this webpage (download the form here).
- Original and photocopy of the ID card.
- Original and photocopy of the birth certificate.
- Original and photocopy of the passport (the page showing personal details).
- Payment of the consular fee £58.40.
- In addition to the above requirements, Naturalised Venezuelan citizens must present the Official Gazette and proof of naturalization.

-In addition to the above requirements, the child needs to be accompanied by both parents or a legal representative. If the child is accompanied by only one of the Venezuelan parents, that parent must present authorisation witnessed by a notary public from the mother/father who is absent.
- Original and copy of the ID card and/or passport of both parents.
- From the age of nine (9), the original and a copy of the ID card must be presented.
- Children are exempt from paying the consular fee for the passport and for all consular services, in accordance with Article 9 of the Organic Law for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (LOPNA), Official Gazette: N°: 37476 , dated 02-07-2002.

NOTE: On the day of the appointment, both parents must be present, or the child's legal guardian. If one of the parents is absent, the present parent must provide a notarised authorisation, correctly signed and stamped with finger prints by the parent granting the authorisation.


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