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Management Control Section

- Monthly report of activities: This section is in charge of diplomatic and administrative management and will provide the Office of the Vice-Ministry for Europe and the Senior Management for Planning and Budgeting with a monthly report of activities summarizing all the tasks carried out by the Embassy relating to the different areas of their responsibilities.
- IT: This section is in charge of the creation and management of the internal IT network at the Embassy and of the web page of the Mission.
- Secretary: This section administers and records all of the activities carried out, and follows up and distributes correspondence as well as coordinating the agenda of activities and preparing diplomatic pouches and bags (diplomatic mail).
- Protocol: This section is responsible for the logistics and protocol of the Mission. As such, it is responsible for the organization of a wide range of activities, from the celebrations of national holidays to diplomatic dinner meetings. All the diplomatic and administrative staff of the Mission will support the protocol section when organizing an activity.
- Archives: this section manages the General Archives of the Mission. This archive is in the process of being reorganized in order for it to be categorized by subject, so that it may provide efficient assistance in the work of every section within the Embassy.

Consular Section

- The Consular Section is in charge of consular activities and its jurisdiction comprises the territory of the United Kingdom and Ireland. It processes requests for visas, different types of authorizations, powers and protests, and undertakes work to control visa fraud, in coordination with the national immigration authorities.
- This section attends to the resident Venezuelan community. It updates the electoral register, issues passports, offers legal advice to Venezuelans and holds the responsibility for watching over human rights and ensuring a fair trial to those serving a sentence in the host territory.
- The Consular Section keeps permanent contact with the departments for consular affairs of the Foreign Ministries of the host countries, as well as with the attachés of the consular sections of accredited embassies in London and Dublin, especially those of the Latin American and Caribbean Group in the UN (GRULAC).

Political Section

- This section holds its main premise to be that the Embassy in the United Kingdom, and Ireland, has a strategic importance and that its functioning is based on a set of political criteria, whichever the section in question (cultural, economic, commercial).
- This section prepares general, specific and/or confidential reports about the internal and external political situation in the United Kingdom, as well as the State of its bilateral relations and other ongoing issues.
- It draws up periodical reports, both of a general and more specific nature, on the internal and international politics of Ireland, as well as the state of bilateral relations and other ongoing issues.
- It is in charge of analysis and monitoring of the political situation, and bears the brunt of negotiating with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Ireland.
- It manages negotiations with the British and Irish foreign ministries and the other organizations of these States, in order to coordinate common positions and provide support in international forums.
- It guides the totality of the Embassy's activity towards the projection, divulgation and promotion of the Bolivarian political process, in coordination with the Press Section and the Cultural Section of the Embassy. In this respect, activities are geared towards making the Bolivarian Political Project well-known; stimulating debate around the process of deep political change that is underway in Venezuela and enlisting the support of British and Irish people in this process through a dynamic interaction with solidarity groups and trade unions.

Economy, Energy and Commercial Section

- This section produces analyses, studies and the following reports:
- Monthly reports (on the oil market of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as that of Ireland, including consumption, refining, prices, production, etc.)
- Quarterly reports (macro-economic situation, GDP, inflation, investment, exchange rates, etc.)
- Reports on the Venezuela-UK trade balance and the Venezuela-Ireland trade balance (balance, exchange, exports, imports, etc.)
- Special reports on the economic and commercial politics of the government of the UK and of the government of Ireland (to be sent periodically to the Foreign Ministry, to the Ministry for Commerce (MILCO), the Ministry for Petroleum and Mining (MENPET), the Ministry for Basic Industries and Mining (MIBAM), at the request of these ministries)
- This section participates in seminars and forums on opportunities for business and investment; it supports the various Venezuelan delegations in its visits and negotiations and presents initiatives for the development and facilitation of economic, commercial and bilateral relations.
- This section works in conjunction with the Political Section in order to jointly represent Venezuela in international forums, such as that of the International Coffee Organisation, the International Cocoa Organisation, the International Sugar Organisation, the International Mobile Satellite Organisation, the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds, or the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Cultural Section

- This section is in charge of the sharing and promotion of Venezuelan cultural output (such as music, literature, art, theatre, folklore or photography), and its history, geography and people, and is responsible for cooperating in terms of culture, education and sport.
- It supports the political section in all activities related to solidarity and the promotion of the Bolivarian political project.
- This section is in charge of everything related with Bolivar Hall and Miranda House (upkeep, programme of activities, inter-cultural relations, etc.)
- It draws up reports about specific themes that are sent to the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry and to the Ministry of Popular Power for Culture.
- It maintains a direct relationship with the Ministries for Culture, and the cultural and sporting institutions of Venezuela and Great Britain.
- It establishes regular meetings with the cultural attachés and sections of Latin American and Caribbean countries.
- It is in charge of all the cultural activities of the Mission and its director shares duties with the person responsible for Ireland in the protocol section, carrying out the tasks corresponding to the organization of events and ceremonies.

Press Section

- This section follows a working programme that is designed to include a wide range of activities linked to the sharing and understanding of the Venezuelan reality, guaranteeing accurate and up-to-date information on the political, economic and socio-cultural situation of the country.
- The Section maintains relationships with representatives of the printed press and the audiovisual press of the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as with the accredited international news agencies in both countries.
- It should create and keep updated a catalogue of news items and photos, in physical as well as digital formats.
- It is in charge of the information published on the website of the Mission.
- It promotes mutual exchange between Venezuelan and British and Irish Journalists.

Administration Section
- This section is in charge of administering the resources in the budget for the proper functioning of the mission, in compliance with the rules and procedures in place in the Office. It centralizes and processes information in order to create the Annual Operative Plan (POA) of the Embassy and it carries out a quarterly evaluation of the POA.
- It holds the responsibility for coordinating and supervising the work of the local employees, drawing up contracts and tending to everything related with their working situation (allowances, holidays, etc.).
- It is responsible for the internal administration of the Mission (upkeep, buying of goods and supplies, etc.).
- It monitors the good use, conservation and registration of all national goods/property.

Military, Naval and Aerial Attaché Section

Military, Naval and Aerial Attaché
Telephone: (020) 7387.0695
Address: 54 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL

Representatives to the IMO

Naval Representative before the IMO
Telephone: (020) 7387.0695
Address: 54 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL




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