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This visa will be granted to non-migrants who wish to enter into the country in order to pursue higher, technical or university studies, specialised studies, or to pursue internships in his/her speciality.

The Temporary Student Visa will be valid for a period of one (1) year, for multiple entries, with the same permanence period and will be able to be extended following the approval of the Interior and Justice Ministry, with prior proof needed of the continuation of studies.

Requirements for a Temporary Student Visa:

- Valid passport with an expiry date of no less than six (6) months
- Completed visa request form (download the form here).
- Document proving residency in the United Kingdom or Ireland
- Two photographs: One (1) digital photo in jpeg format (1x1 inch). One (1) passport sized photo.
- Letter of request from the entity acting as guarantor (institution, family or tutor), indicating the financial resources that the student will have access to in Venezuela.
- Proof of acceptance from the educational institute where the student will undertake studies or the company offering the internship.
- Medical report
- Notarised declaration indicating that the visa applicant will not work during their stay in Venezuela while on a student visa.
- Copies of academic qualifications and/or transcripts.
- Criminal record check
- Payment of the consular fee £43.80


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