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This visa will be granted to non-migrants who are representatives of any religion going to Venezuela in order to carry out religious activity that is not tourism.

The Temporary Religious Visa will be valid for a duration of one (1) year, multiple entries, and will allow the applicant to remain in the country for a period of one (1) year, to be extended for the same duration by the Interior and Justice Ministry.

Requirements for a Temporary Religious Visa:

- Valid passport with an expiry date of no less than six (6) months
- Completed visa request form (download the form here).
- Two photographs: One (1) digital photo in jpeg format (1x1 inch o 2,54 x 2,54 cm.). One (1) passport sized photo.
- Four passport photos in colour with a white background.
- Proof issued by a representative of the religious congregation to which the applicant belongs indicating the applicant's membership and the activities relating to the mission to be carried out in Venezuela.
- Medical certificate
- Criminal record check
- Payment of the consular fee £43.80

This visa is granted to representatives of any religion, with prior approval from the Directorate General for Justice and Worship of the Ministry for the Interior, Justice and Peace.


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