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Miércoles, 17 de Mayo de 2017 01:00


During a press conference at the United Nations (UN), the Venezuelan Ambassador to that organization, Rafael Ramírez, reported on the aggressions of violent sectors of the right during the demonstrations that take place in the nation.

In this sense, the representative showed the media, through photographs, the violent reactions of members of the radical bands, in which they are seen attacking the authorities and military installations. The images also reflected damage to establishments, homes and cars due to the use of explosives by these violent groups.

He also stressed that these reactions are carried out by a minority of the population, while highlighting the fact that in Venezuela, law enforcement forces do not use firearms in concentrations or demonstrations, circumstance that, he said, "the opposition abuses to attack and lash out against the Venezuelan state."

On the other hand, the diplomat said that the Bolivarian Government does not accept international interference or guidance, emphasizing that the international community must be sure that Venezuela will solve its internal problems according to the norms established in the Constitution.

He also blamed the United States government for being responsible for part of these violent events that have arisen in the South American nation: "the United States, with its interventionist position, has become part of the situation that our country is suffering, because it encourages and stimulates the most violent groups, and interferes in our internal affairs through a number of communications, positions and through the imposition of illegal sanctions", said Ambassador Ramírez.

Regarding the dialogue process promoted by the Bolivarian Government, the Venezuelan representative said that the country's President, Nicolás Maduro, has expressed his support for this procedure in reiterated opportunities, inviting the different sectors of the country to resume dialogue, as well as former Presidents José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Leonel Fernández and Martín Torrijos, and the Union of South American Nations (Unasur).

"We will continue to insist on dialogue and respect for our institutions," Ramírez said.


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