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Jueves, 08 de Febrero de 2018 05:00

Santo Domingo, D.N.
February 7, 2018

My dear sir:

After working without rest for two years for a peaceful, democratic coexistence, to overcome the economic and social problems of Venezuela, and with the spirit of reconciliation among all Venezuelans, and after a huge effort of dialogue, sponsored in recent months for the exemplary effort of the President and the Minister for Foreign Relations of the Dominican Republic, accompanied by a group of friendly countries, a basic consensus was reached for a great agreement, which represents a real and courageous hope for the future of Venezuela.

This agreement materialized in a document presented to the parties, answers to the essential proposals discussed during months, namely, the agreement in an electoral process with guarantees and consensus on the date of the elections, the position regarding the sanctions against Venezuela, the conditions of the Commission of Truth, cooperation in the face of social and economic challenges, commitment to institutional normalization, the guarantees for fulfilment of the agreement, and the commitment for a fully normalized operation and development of democratic politics.

Unexpectedly for me, the document was not signed by the opposition representation. I do not judge the circumstances and the reasons, but it is my duty to defend the truth and my commitment is not to give up on the achievement of a historic commitment among Venezuelans.

This is why I of ask you, thinking of peace and democracy, that your organization formally endorse the agreement that I send you, since the government has committed to scrupulously respecting what was agreed. This request is formulated from my deep conviction in the necessity of this agreement and from my commitment to its fulfilment.

I await your favourable response;

Kind regards,

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero



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