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Viernes, 04 de Enero de 2019 00:00





The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its greatest perplexity at the extravagant declaration of a group of countries of the American continent that, after receiving instructions from the government of the United States through a videoconference, have agreed to encourage a coup in Venezuela, a fact unparalleled in the history of the region, trying to ignore both the democratically elected Government and the legitimately constituted institutions, going so far as to try to modify the territorial limits of the country, attributing unquestionably Venezuelan territory to a neighboring nation, intervening in a territorial dispute of exclusive bilateral scope.


In this regard, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela wishes to inform that on January 10, President Nicolás Maduro Moros will take legitimate and constitutional possession of the Presidency of the Republic for the period that goes between 2019 and 2025, in perfect harmony, in time and in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, for which it does not require the consent of any foreign government.


The world has witnessed how on 20th May 2018, presidential elections were held in Venezuela, with broad popular participation, with the concurrence of several candidates representing an even larger number of political parties, resulting in the victory of the candidacy of Nicolás Maduro Moros, with a margin higher than 67% of the validly cast votes.


This electoral process was attended by more than two hundred national and international companions, and during its development was the subject of sixteen public audits that have attested to the fairness of its results, without the Venezuelan institutions being exposed to challenges of any kind on the part of of the participants who were not favored by the popular vote. Consequently, the vast majority of the countries of the world have expressed their recognition of this election and their congratulations to President Maduro.


It was neither more nor less than an electoral process that had the same guarantees and conditions as those parliamentary elections from which the current National Assembly derived, even directed by the same authorities of the Electoral Power. For this reason, the authorities emerged from both elections have the same legitimacy.


Further and beyond this declaration of the self determined Lima Group, which has written a shameful page in the history of international relations in the region, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will know how to respond, in the light of the principle of reciprocity, to the actions that each country decides to take individually, in the corresponding proportion and in the terrain that each one chooses.


It is worth remembering that throughout its glorious history as a nation, no country or coalition of countries has achieved, nor will succeed, in intimidating the heroic Venezuelan People, heir to the greatest libertarian lineage of the American continent.


Caracas, 4th January 2019

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