Sección Consular de Venezuela ante el Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte
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If currency is needed for retired pensioners, legally resident abroad, in accordance with National Centre for Foreign Trade (CENCOEX) regulations, the Consular Section will issue a "Proof of Registry".

The issuances of the aforementioned Consular Registrations are exempt from Consular fees.

The requirements of which are as follows:

- The Registration of Venezuelans "Resident in the Consular Jurisdiction" correctly filled in (download the form here).
- One (1) photocopy of the ID card
- One (1) photocopy of the valid passport (the page showing personal details)
- One (1) Proof of Retired Pension from the corresponding body
- One (1) photocopy of the valid visa
- If the applicant has double nationality, a copy of the main page of the foreign passport or foreign ID document.
- One (1) photocopy of the Proof of Residence issued by the local authorities, with the Hague Apostille issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Note: For the purpose of facilitating the process in this diplomatic mission, the applicant can send the aforementioned requirements by post, enclosing an envelope with the corresponding stamps and the forwarding address, so that the document can be sent subsequently.


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