Sección Consular de Venezuela ante el Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte
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The Temporary Family Visa will be granted to Venezuelan citizens' spouses, any non-emancipated children younger than 18 years old, their parents, and step-parents, pending credible evidence of the relationship, and provided that the marriage has been celebrated in a foreign country and registered in the relevant Venezuelan Counsellor Office. For this visa to be granted, the family will have to travel with the Venezuelan citizen in order to acquire domicile in the country. This visa will be valid for a duration of one (1) year, multiple entries, and with no limit of permanence. Once the duration has been expired, the requesting party will be able to request an extension in the country.

Requirements for a Temporary Venezuelan Family Visa:

- Valid passport with an expiry date of no less than six (6) months
- Completed visa request form (download the form here).
- Two photographs: One (1) digital photo in jpeg format (1x1 inch o 2,54 x 2,54 cm.). One (1) passport sized photo.
- Criminal record check
- Medical certificate
- Payment of the consular fee £43.80


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