Venezuela strongly protests and rejects the Statement by which Foreign Ministers of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay intend to illegally implement the Ushuaia Protocol on the Democratic Commitment in MERCOSUR against Venezuela PDF Imprimir E-mail
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Lunes, 07 de Agosto de 2017 00:00





The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela strongly protests and rejects the Statement issued in Sao Paulo, Brazil, dated August 5th, 2017, signed by the Foreign Ministers of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, through which they intend to illegally implement the Ushuaia Protocol on the Democratic Commitment in MERCOSUR against Venezuela.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela warns the peoples of the world about the flagrant interference of those who distort the legal order for the purpose of promoting erratic interventions, violating the most basic principles of the international law.


Baneful non-integrationist interests have turn MERCOSUR into an organization of political persecution against Venezuela, as it seeks to move further along the path of illegality and political intolerance – situation similarly suffered by the Republic of Cuba in the 1960s.


Venezuela emphatically reiterates that the implementation of the Ushuaia Protocol is inappropriate as it is intended to be made on the basis of false and illegitimate assumptions, which do not correspond to the facts provided for in the provisions of said Protocol.


For the second time, in less than a year, it is intended to arbitrarily suspend Venezuela from the organization through groundless arguments, which is a clear expression of the interventionist and unlawful nature of these Foreign Ministers from this new Triple Alliance. Moreover, it shows the real political intention that motivates them. The names of the presidents and foreign ministers who have taken this abhorrent and illegal decision shamefully will go down in history.


The use of the statement of the four Foreign Ministers dated April 1st, 2017, pointed as a preamble of the current new communiqué, neither complies with the Ushuaia Protocol and the provisions of International Law nor the foundational and derived legal system of MERCOSUR. Rather, it corrodes the integrity of the organizational legal system, thus, seeking to create a media matrix that allows justify unfair and legally unfounded sanctions, which even exist within the constitutive legal order of the organization.


It is necessary to inform the international community the falseness of the unwillingness of Venezuela to participate in a meeting intended to reach constructive and law-based solutions.


The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela clearly and duly confirmed, through a letter dated July 27th, 2017, from its Foreign Minister, its willingness to engage in a frank dialogue, and hence propose to hold a meeting in the city of Caracas during the first week of August 2017, in accordance with the principles of the international law and mutual respect, based on the recognition of the arbitration brought by Venezuela against the rest of the parties and on the Venezuela full membership of the organization; never under the framework of spurious pretentions to apply the Ushuaia Protocol.


If a debate on principles and protection of democracy was opened, governments that today condemn Venezuela would have to “justify” their reasons for not having ratified their commitment to the regional democratic regulations through the Ushuaia Protocol I and Ushuaia Protocol II.


Noteworthy, these protocols have been only ratified by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as a party of MERCOSUR, in order to turn them into positive and valid law within its constitutional legal order.


The sole government to which should be applied the Ushuaia Protocol is the one that currently misgoverns Brazil, headed by a tragicomedy of economic and parliamentary mafias that do not even enjoy the legitimacy of the vote. On the contrary, that legitimacy is fully enjoyed by the government of President Nicolas Maduro and our brand-new and sovereign National Constituent Assembly, recently installed in Caracas, with the full support of the peace-loving people.


The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, faithful to its integrationist nature inherited from Commander Hugo Chavez, reiterates its call to judge righteously, it urges to respect the self-determination of our peoples, it demands the compliance with the regulations of international law as well as the cessation of illicit actions of harassment that adversely affect the rights of Venezuela as a Member State of MERCOSUR and as a free, sovereign and independent people of Our America.


Nothing and nobody can illegally suspend us from MERCOSUR. Venezuela is MERCOSUR because it lives in the heart of its peoples. Nobody shall prevent us from beating as a hope of liberation and justice for millions.


Caracas, August 5th, 2017



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