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Lunes, 16 de Octubre de 2017 08:00






The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela hereby strongly rejects the attempts of the United States of America to disregard the sovereign will of the Venezuelan people, which was expressed through votes in strict compliance with its Constitution and legal system on the past October 15th, 2017. The people of Venezuela sovereignly, peacefully and overwhelmingly participated in the recent elections to elect the Governors of the 23 states of the country through universal, direct and secret vote.

The people and government of Venezuela are not surprised with the U.S. Department of State statements, because it has been usual in recent years that every U.S. administration disregards the results of the Venezuelan elections –and therefore the will of the people– immediately after the Venezuelan Electoral Authority makes the corresponding announcements. This kind of statements have the solely purpose to encourage and back up the calls for chaos, instability, violence and extremism promoted by a minority sector of the Venezuelan society that has historically counted on the support and funding of the U.S. government. In this regard, we draw the attention of the international community and once more denounce the systematic campaign of aggressions, threats and interferences by the U.S. administration against the Homeland of Bolivar, which clearly violates the rules and principles that govern peaceful relations among States. In this time, it was intended to prejudice the Venezuelan electoral system, although it has been internationally recognized as one of the most trusted system, due to its feature of producing vouchers that back up electronic votes. Furthermore, the system has several audit stages that guarantee the transparency of the vote and the neatness of the system.

The successful elections celebrated on the past October 15th, 2017, which counted on with the usual participation of renowned national and international companions that have attested the entire process, are an irrefutable evidence of the will and determination of the Venezuelan people for settling its differences through democratic means and political dialogue, as well as its pacifist nature and unwavering commitment to consolidate the social stability of the country.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reaffirms its independent and sovereign nature and strongly condemns the threats by the administration of the president Donald Trump, which aims to impose its economic and diplomatic power over the people of Venezuela because it has decided to control its own destiny without any kind of interference and within the framework of its vibrant model of participatory and protagonist democracy.

Caracas, October 16th, 2017


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