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Martes, 07 de Agosto de 2018 00:00





Last August 4th, during the celebration of the 81st anniversary of the foundation of the Bolivarian National Guard, in Caracas, the capital city, at the time when the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, was giving his address to close the ceremony, two powerful detonations were heard in the vicinity of the presidential platform. 

The President’s security detail immediately set in motion the appropriate protocols enabling the evacuation of the site, thus safeguarding the security of the President and his family, the high representatives of the Branches of Government and officials and officers present, as well as the members of the diplomatic corps who attended the event. 

The appropriate authorities promptly launched an investigation. The Prosecutor General announced the appointment of three deputy prosecutors with a broad expertise in organised crime and political conspiracy-related matters so as to determine the facts and bring to justice those responsible for this criminal action. 

From the preliminary outcome of the investigation, the following is worth mentioning: 

The explosions correspond to explosive devices placed in two remote-controlled aerial artifacts (drones) which were aimed at the President and the group of high-ranking officials and officers standing in the presidential platform. It is estimated that each artifact contained a load of 1Kg of C-4 explosive, with a capacity to impact a 50m perimeter. The flying devices correspond to DJI-M5600 drones normally used for industrial and audiovisual purposes. 

The enquiry at the location and the testimonies rendered by six persons detained who are presumably connected with the attempt show that the plan was to detonate one of the drones above the roof of the presidential platform and direct the other one straight to the platform itself. The actions undertaken by the presidential security detoured one of the devices by blocking the controlling signal making it blow up far away from the programmed target and detoured the other one which eventually crashed against a neighbouring building and blow up. Regrettably, seven military officers were wounded, three of whom have a reserved medical prognosis. 

The purpose of the action was attempting on the life of the President of the Republic, which is deemed a terrorist action and a frustrated assassination by our criminal law. It is necessary to highlight that one of the persons detained for his involvement in this attempt had participated in the violent political actions of 2014 and who had enjoyed a court benefit and set free. Another detainee is linked to the assault on a military facility in the city of Valencia by a paramilitary group one year ago. 

The attempt has been claimed by spokespersons of the Venezuelan ultraconservative opposition located in Miami who, in turn, were associated with the 2002 coup d’état and other terrorist actions perpetrated in the recent past. 

Testimonies rendered during the ongoing investigation reaffirm the conviction that this criminal action is linked to an aggression plan against Venezuela, openly claimed by the outgoing president of Colombia, Mr. Juan Manuel Santos who, a few days ago issued reckless statements saying that “we are in the final hours of Maduro.” In turn, Venezuela is fully convinced that Venezuelan extreme-right-wing groups are behind this assassination attempt jointly with powerful economic and political actors operating in Colombia with branches in the city of Miami, Florida in USA. 

In the latter years, Colombia has become the operation base for illegal, unconstitutional and violent actions against the Venezuelan democracy, Government and People. Powerful illegal drugs traffic cartels, smuggling mafias, hired killers groups, as well as a powerful criminal foreign exchange network extracting Venezuelan bank notes from the Venezuelan territory and manipulating the exchange rate to negatively impact the Venezuelan economy operate in Colombian soil. 

For years now, Colombia is the shelter of a group of persons who absconded the Venezuelan justice which enjoys the protection, funding and legitimization of Mr. Santos government to the extent of providing the premises of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia for the conspiracy by an illegitimate body aimed at sabotaging the functioning of the Venezuelan judicial system. 

Political violence methods such as assassination of political and social leaders do not fit within the political culture of Venezuela. Yet, such methods have long standing deep roots in Colombia, and they are exported today towards Venezuela so as to destabilize our democracy – dreadful methods and crimes, such as burning people alive, hiring of killers and political assassination. 

From the preliminary enquiry likewise appear links with opposition political groups operating in Miami, Florida, USA. In this regard, President Nicolas Maduro has demanded the Donald Trump administration to cooperate in the investigation leading to the political and financial operators in the U.S. territory. 

Venezuela has foiled all conspiracies staged in Colombia against Venezuela. President Maduro has alerted the Bolivarian National Armed Force in connection with the situation in the border to dissuade any provocation and violence from Colombia. 

The High Military Command has rejected the assassination attempt and has stated that the Venezuelan armed force stands firm in the defence of the Constitution and the legitimate Government headed by the President -who, in turn, is the Commander in Chief of the armed force- and that under no circumstance a violent breach of the constitutional order would be accepted. 

As to the participation of the Venezuelan radical right-wing opposition, Venezuela affirms that this time the violent opposition actors have gone too far since they could have caused a great number of casualties with very serious consequences for the stability of the country. The Government of Venezuela has demanded the Prosecutor General’s Office to launch a deep and thorough investigation to find out the truth. Venezuela shall apply domestic and international law to prosecute and bring to justice the authors of this abhorrent attempt. The Venezuelan State conducts an extensive and unbiased investigation so as to guarantee the enforcement of justice and the maximum penalty for those who are responsible. Assassination cannot be pardoned. 

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its gratitude to the countless expressions of solidarity and good wishes to our Homeland and of rejection of this criminal attempt by a large number of Presidents, Heads of State and Government. Venezuela also thanks the expressions of support issued by many political leaders, parties, Members of Parliaments, personalities of the realm of culture and social movements and organisations from all over the world who have sent a message of support and peace to our country. 

The Venezuelan Government likewise urge the countries and Governments of the world to keep an unbiased stance vis-à-vis such grave developments and value with serenity the seriousness and significance of the facts, and in some cases, to evaluate their policies of open or implicit support to those violent actors who promote death and violence in Venezuela. 

The Government of Venezuela is fully convinced that this attempt desperately sought to stop the application of the new set of measures to be implemented for the economic recovery as announced by the National Government and which are entering into force on August 20th. Such measures constitute an effective response to the crisis endured by the country and are designed to bring about stability, tranquillity and prosperity to all citizens.

The violent domestic and foreign opposition has failed once again in its hatred campaign against Venezuela. These facts reaffirm the Revolutionary Government’s conviction that Venezuela has undertaken the right path. We are on the side of the people, on the right side of history. The People of Venezuela shall continue the struggle for its happiness, its democracy and for the peace it deserves which is its destiny. 

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its President are more determined than ever before to follow the path of peace, law and Constitution. That is the path of the Bolivarian Revolution.



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